It already sounds, and I do not want it to be,  pretentious.  I have believed in dogma, in -isms, in truth that can be imposed before.  I was wrong.

But I do believe that we as individuals and we as both small and large collective units need to both advocate for and hold each other accountable for both ensuring opportunity and the outcomes of personal and social practice.  We need to ensure that equity is coupled with tolerance of diversity, that . . .


One Response to Justice

  1. i_Ron_Mrx says:

    For anyone else with an actual or self-claimed interest and curiosity in today’s world, geopolitical relations, religion’s part in human history, and justice, I recommend listening to as much or as many parts of this 3-1/2 hour conversation as you can. Put it on in the background, as I did, and mentally tune in and out when specific issues are raised that pique your interest. This is a mental exercise that Luminosity can’t touch, and if you’d like to test your mental fitness (in social science and the humanities specifically), this podcast is your ticket.

    Any candidate for public federal government office should be required to listen to this conversation about Islam in today’s world. I’d be surprised if more than 25% of our current legislators would or could. What I know is that our current president, and the folks he’s appointed to run the executive offices of our government, could participate in such a conversation, albeit maybe not as articulately. What I also know is that I want our next president and her administration and executive appointments to be similarly qualified intellectually to follow and understand such a conversation.