test from blogging software

In order to promote my writing more to the site I have procured a copy of recommended blogging software. this post is the test of set-up and ease of use.

BTW, I have been giving thought to returning to an organization or company rather than the consulting gig. I do miss the community participation element. I need to give it some more thought.

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Why and what is the site?

I have had a web site since at least 1992.  First hosted by UT-Austin, then by tenet, then by earthlink and then domains I have leased.  Each iteration is a little different, each is built on the previous, and each is rarely updated once set-up.

Why am I spending time doing this?  Well, it serves as a form of voice to myself.

What is the site?  It serves as a non-planar mirror of my interests and self-perception.

I hope this site becomes a vehicle for dialogue with others.  And myself.

Please participate.

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Site overhaul commences . . .

Hello friends.  Today, August 22, 2012 I have begun an extensive overhaul of this web domain.  Please be patient as I play and adjust the content and the format.  I am interested in your feedback.  Please feel free to leave it on this site or email me here.

Be well.

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