This is the broad domain that my professional work is labelled.  I did not see myself working in education as I went through formal schooling.  I was too narrowly focused on the activity of learning to acknowledge the role that people and systems played in determining the content, context, and priorities of my personal education.

As an undergraduate I did a domestic exchange program for a summer and fall term.  Both schools have very strong academic expectations and reputations.  They have very different histories and social cultures.  I returned from the exchange experience
decoupled from what I had previously unconsciously took as a given and began searching for a manner of living of which I could, and would, embrace.  I spent the next five years trying to navigate towards a future in physics research from a present of social activism.   I found the process to be dichotomous in my personal growth and amorphous in my professional career.

Becoming an educator was the joining of the two strands of behavior into one life.  I moved to Zimbabwe, taught computer science, and returned to the United States believing I could work to both improve the community and myself by being an educator and a student of how to be an educator.

We, collectively should ensure education happens, for all of us, continuously.  More soon.