I have enjoyed physics since early in my life.  While in 5th grade I may have wanted to be a heart surgeon by 8th grade the ambition was astrophysicist.  It was an easy decision to major in physics in college.  I still enjoy working on physics questions, continuously renewing my skills, and trying to keep up with some professional literature.

There are some domains that I have delved deeper into than others.  My most prolonged efforts in graduate school were in developing computer models of rotating black holes.  I continue to find applications of modeling and of tensor analysis in my work in education. From there I briefly dabbled in quantum chaos.  Finally, I worked for a summer on a nuclear fusion project at PPPL examining the radiation signatures of dissolving lithium pellets in a plasma.

There is a part of me that wishes that I had stayed focused on physics and not included social justice in my gaze.  But it is only a part.

What are interests that you have maintained over the course of your life?